John Whittle - Honest, Professional, Trustworthy

I'm John Whittle, owner and operator of Cincinnati Service Solutions. I have worked many years in construction, maintenance and remodeling. Over 10 years ago I became certified in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.  I currently specialize in furnace and air conditioning repair and replacement along with electrical troubleshooting and electrical service changes and upgrades. 

I work hard at staying up to date on the newest technological advances in my field.  What I promise you is the truth at all times.  I believe that is what sets me apart from other contractors.  With me you get personal service. I'm not a salesmen.  I'm not going to come in and convince you to replace you're furnace if it doesn't need it. I'm not going to push humidifiers or better air filtration systems on you. Although if you want these things I'll be glad to help. I believe my general house construction knowledge and my commitment to doing everything right in an affordable efficient manner will make me the right choice for you're service needs.