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Have you been told you need to spend over $5000 on a high end brand name furnace or air conditioner?  Don't be fooled more affordable furnaces and air conditioners use the same brand parts and have the same warranties.  The reality is high end, high efficiency equipment have more things to go wrong, more expensive harder to get parts, are more complicated, resulting in a bigger repair bills later.  On top of being more expensive up front.  Resulting in you never saving any money on your energy bills. A 90%  furnace with a 13-14 SEER A/C will most likely be your most affordable option.  See for your self with Goodmans energy calculator be sure to have a copy of your duke bill handy so you can put in what you pay for gas and electric. Goodman inflates energy costs because they want you to buy higher margin higher cost equipment too.  Well I don't, call today and get a free quote.

New Goodman 90% furnaces starting at $2250
New Goodman 13 SEER A/C and Evaporator starting at $2350

New 90% furnace and A/C starting at $4325

Bigger equipment, long or hard to do linesets/exhaust piping and major duct work changes, etc. result in higher prices, give me a call for a quote today I can most likely keep a change out under $3500